days 30-31: savannah, ga

Ok friends. The gig is up. My trip officially ended on December 8th, 51 days after it began in October. The problem is that I still have plenty of neat-o stops to fill you in on, and I also want to get my experiences “down on paper” before I forget them. So read away, or if you were only following me for the thrill of knowing my whereabouts, my apologies, but that stalking method is no longer accurate. Alright, I’m going to return to writing as if I’m still in the location I’m writing about and you can pretend I never broke the proverbial fourth wall. XOXO Jessa

Savannah cuts a striking image; Spanish moss blows across tree-lined streets and elaborate master-planned squares comprise the picturesque downtown. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is set here, Flannery O’Connor is from here, and, along with Charleston, its residents claim it as one of the few Southern cities Union General William Tecumseh Sherman did not burn to the ground in his 1864 March to the Sea. Fascinating that this was mentioned more than once. Fascinating!

Savannah is “Most Haunted City”

I enjoyed a stroll through Forsyth Park, lunch at The Sentient Bean, a visit to the Savannah Art Museum and a little shmying at the Savannah College of Art and Design store. My couchsurfing host joined me for dinner at a brewery and we had some free praline samples (abundant in cities not burned by Sherman) in the touristy waterfront area. Savannah is heavy on charm and haunting ghost stories. The latter is enough to keep me away.

Forsyth Fountain

The most interesting of my CouchSurfing experiences occurred when I left Savannah proper for its eastern neighbor Tybee Island. During the summer Tybee swarms with tourists, but at this time of the year its mostly inhabited by local beach bums. I drove in after dark and I left before sunrise the next morning. My room smelled like someone had chained-smoked in it for the last 30 years, the furled flag proclaimed “Don’t Tread on Me,” an NRA sticker was in the window, and the bed probably had bugs, BUT I couldn’t resist the adventure because it was a  former brothel that is now on the register of historic places. Too cool! (But really, don’t stay here!)

Brothel by the Sea


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